Why lead magnets are presented wrong! Here’s the corrected version.

Lead generation is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. It is the first step of acquiring the most critical resource of the business — “The customer”.

When it comes to capturing lead online or improving the conversion rate on your website, most businesses use chat tools or opt-in forms (sometimes with pop-ups). Opt-in forms work great but look annoying when not presented correctly with the right intent (like with intent of helping people). Similarly, pop-up forms could feel irritating to your visitors if it pop-up too often or not designed correctly.

Popups can be annoying for visitors when not presented correctly on the website

Chat tools are also a good way to directly connect to any visitor but you must have to be online when someone visits your website which could be difficult for a small business. Also, people are just lazy enough to avoid typing long meaningful sentences to talk to an agent online on your chat-bot which may lead to missing an important lead.

Making separate pages with forms like ‘contact-us’ or ‘request-a-demo’ to capture leads is one of the options, but that is not efficient either as these required certain web pages to load and navigate the user from one page to another. Chances are people abandoning right in the middle of the navigation/loading process without submitting the forms.

The shortcoming in the above ways leads to people reduced the conversion rate of your website and you, of course, missing a large chunk of a visitor to turn into a lead.

So What’s the solution?

Lead magnets should not be dummy form with some fields but –

  • Unlike chat tools, it should not only be always active but should also proactively ask visitors for genuine help.
  • Should have a personalized touch 
  • Ask for the email to connect with intent to help

What did we do?

We married the proactive approach of automated chat tools with high converting lead magnet forms.

We’ve created a web widget that flashes a series of interactive notifications when a visitor comes on your website. These notifications offer some benefit to the visitor in exchange for their details like email, name, phone number. 

Clingybox lead notifications Examples

These benefits encourage them to fill details and could be : 

  • Download brochures, white-papers, e-books, etc 
  • Webinar registration 
  • Offer to get a callback 
  • Offer personalized discount coupons 
  • Ask the visitor to refer you to their colleagues
  • Book appointments
  • Answer visitor questions/doubts 
  • Offer tips on relevant topics/email subscription

Essentially, above are all lead magnet forms that are triggered when a visitor clicks on notifications. These notifications are like push-notifications and have some personalized and tricky message written on it that encourages a visitor to click on them. Once clicked a lead magnet form comes up that shows what they are going to get in exchange for their info like email, name, phone number, etc.

Ready to use lead magnets in Clingybox

Here’s how we addressed the issues with existing lead magnet forms and chat tools:

1. Ask proactively to help

Clingybox notifications can be constructed with the message that seeks to genuinely help visitors, unlike a conventional pop-up that tries to hard-sell/subscribe. These notifications then drive a visitor to take action like filling a lead capture form or book appointments.

2. Personalized experience

These notifications flashes look like someone from the company (website) has got some exclusive message for each visitor. A further personal touch can be added by using some greetings in these notifications like — “Hey there…”, “Welcome onboard”. People are more tend to click on personalized offerings thus having a better conversion rate.

3. Activity-based targeting

These notifications can be flashed based on the URL paths and parameters. This allows you to send targeted notifications and thus helps to get more conversion.

For example, if someone is looking at the pricing page of your website, you can send notification aiming to help the visitor with price clarifications.

4. Offer something in exchange for the email

Everyone loves offers and discounts and so people are more inclined to click and fill forms that promise to send them discount coupons or promo code. Clingybox allows you to flash the notifications with discount offers in exchange for details like email or phone number.

5. Enhance Website Engagement

These interactive notifications can also be used to direct your visitors to other pages of your website which enhance visitor engagement and reduce the bounce rate on your website.

6. Don’t Forget. Follow-up

Clingybox comes up with the automated followup emails when someone fills in details in lead capture forms.

Clingybox comes up with a forever free plan that allows you to capture up to 5 leads every month. All plan comes with a ready-to-use built-in template to get started in 60 seconds.

So, never miss a single lead on your website, convert them into leads. Start your lead generation campaign now – signup to clingybox

8 must-try Conversion Focused Lead Magnets in 2019

Lead generation is a starting point of the customer’s journey and if you don’t have a good starting point you will have nothing to close. That is the reason why businesses across the globe investing like crazy on lead generation. But what if you don’t have an army of Tele-callers to cold call or big budget for your PPC campaigns. If you are the one who is looking to generate lead faster with limited or zero budget, here’re some lead magnet that converts like crazy. Try them today:

1. Ask for an appointment

Add a button saying something like ‘Set an appointment’ with a form to capture visitor’s info on your site or you can even simply use tools like Calendly or Clingybox with more features and better conversion rate. You will not only get a lead but will have better chances to close them as you can listen to your customers and offer them a solution specific to their problems.

Collect email address by allowing people to set an appointment

Use this lead magnet template

2. Offer a Call Back

What’s better than picking up a phone and have an interactive one-on-one discussion. Use buttons, forms, popups or some other tools available in the market. You can also ask for a phone number over a live chat or automated chat tool (like continually) as well.

Collect phone numbers with get a callback request

Use lead magnet template

3. Provide Free Consultation

Offering free advice for visitor problem will not only help in building trust with your potential customer but it also increases the chance of closing the deal because of obvious ‘trust factor’ and the way you can pitch your product as built to solve your problem.

Collect email address by allowing people to ask questions or doubts

Use lead magnet template

4. Newsletter subscription

Run some content-focused email subscription series like ‘1 growth hack every week’ and offer for newsletter subscription. You can occasionally/periodically send valuable content to them and can inspire and influence their purchasing decision in your favor.

Collect email address by allowing people to subscribe for your newsletter

Use lead magnet template

5. Educational Session through the webinar

Properly researched and articulated webinar is a great way to capture high-quality lead and build trust with attendees who could be your potential client.

Collect email address by allowing people to set an appointment

Use lead magnet template

6. Run a Referral campaign

Sometimes visitor finds your offering valuable and useful but for their friends or colleague. Let them share what you offer with who they think is the right person to use it in their circle. Run a referral campaign that allows people to share your offerings to others. You, in turn, will get leads of both who is a referral and who is being referred.

Collect email address by allowing people to set an appointment

Use lead magnet template

7. Run a “Once in Life” type discount campaign

This is the most effective way. Run a crazy-looking offer to grab people’s attention. Then ask for an email to send a promo code to their inbox.

Collect email address by allowing people to set an appointment

Use lead magnet template

8. Offer e-book, white-paper or brochure to download

Write an e-book or publish a white-paper in the area of your target audience. If you don’t have e-books you can offer something valuable to download like the company’s brochure. You can then ask for their email to send a copy of e-book, white-paper or brochure.

Collect email address by allowing people to set an appointment

Use lead magnet template

Wondering how to implement these magnets on your website? Well, we have a solution for you, Clingybox contains pre-built ready to use templates of all of the above lead magnets. No coding required, No string attached! You just have to pick any (or all) template, customize it, publish it and start generating lead on your website. Get it here!